Well, it's here! It's been a year (almost to the exact day) when I first met with Deuxtone to start working on my brand and my website. The past year has been full of excitement, doubt, anticipation, more doubt, and having to learn over and over again how to be faithful. But it's here. 1956 is finally something tangible and not just a dream or a promise I made to myself over a year ago. I owe everything from this past year to God's grace and  the prayers of many. Every detail on every page could not have been pieced together if not for His provision and the encouragement of others. So, to those who were so willing to share your gifts, your talents, your time, and your hearts with me, this first blog post is to say thank you to you. 

Deuxtone you made it happen. Thanks for dreaming with me, putting up with my (crippling at times) perfectionist mentality, and for being patient with my decision making. I think we can all agree that you are 1956's MVP.

Caitlin Rodgers you and writing will touch the hearts of many. Thank you for taking the time to edit my pages, for praying with me, and for being an incredible source of encouragement.

Kathleen Moss this could go on and on. Deuxtone had to work with it, and you had to live with it. I'm forever grateful to you and your influence on my life. You've been the best roommate a girl could ask for and I don't think I would have mustered up the courage to pursue 1956 if it weren't for you.

Anna Jepson and Emari Traffie you get me. You are both creative geniuses and you make me want to be better. Thank you for your willingness to create and share that creativity with others. 

Photographers Somerby Jones and Lauren Summersett thank you capturing the essence of 1956blooms. There would be a lot of over exposed amateur photos if not for you two.

Ryan Anderson and Mark Schmalz you don't know each other. But, both of you constantly checked in to see how everything was going and that meant the world to me. Thanks for believing that I could do it.

Chantal and Eddie Boxer thank you for everything. Thanks for giving me a job, for being my Boston family, for being so generous and giving, for encouraging me and for being there for me. I'm crying so I'm stopping. 

And to my family and especially my mom who left me with this only piece of advice after dropping me off at college, "Kaylyn, make sure you always have fresh flowers on your table. They'll make your days better." She was right. 


Here we go!