The Deeply Co with Jillian Edwards

We're still dreaming and processing the concert that was here in our studio two weeks ago. Jillian Edwards played in the True Vine studio and it was almost as if every dream for this company manifested for two hours that evening. We were overwhelmed with grateful hearts and two of us (I'll let you guess who) had a cry session in the corner after the show. It was that good and we are that excited for everything happening. We got to host and love on people, we celebrated different mediums of art and each other, and we did it all surrounded by flowers.  

It was a night we'll never forget, and when we think about this company and its mission, we'll be forever inspired by The Deeply Co and their time here.  

Make sure you check out Jillian and The Deeply Co! She's released a new album, has the cutest t-shirts for sale, and I'm sure she'll keep you up-to-date about shows near you.  

Jillian Edwards and True Vine.jpg