Spring Favorites | Floral Print Dresses

Spring Favorites | Floral Print Dresses 

It's wedding season and for me that means so many things. It's my busiest time of the year as a florist and it's also when I get to celebrate friends and family at their weddings. I've spent the better part of the past two weeks scouring the internet for floral print dresses, so I'm sharing some of my favorite finds. Why floral print you ask? Well, if I'm going to make small talk at all these weddings about my job, I might as well look the part!  

Above: Found at a new favorite store, Piper and Scoot

I'm always so nervous about breaking the 'no white' rule at weddings. If you know where we stand on this, let me know because I've had some very stressful moments while online shopping.  Still, this one is a favorite and I think the ushers would let me in. Found at Anthropologie

Embracing tropical florals both in design and print this season. This one is so fun and I can see wearing it at a laid back summer wedding.

ASOS is a go to.

Surprise! This is a jumpsuit and for that it needed to be included. The vine moments in the print are also really beautiful and soft yellow could not be more spring.  

Happy Shopping! Kaylyn