Tend Your Gardens

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Tend Your Gardens 

We have something new for you (and for us)! Every Friday we'll be compiling a list of things that have kept us inspired throughout the week. I'm hoping that this series is life giving and inspiring to us as a community. What are you loving? Share it with us in the comments or email us and we may include it the following week. 

What we're loving...

This artist replaced billboards with photos of the landscapes they're blocking.  

Monika gave me this book for my birthday and I just finished it! I would highly recommend Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less for your end table.  

Foraged Flora is a beautiful new book by Sarah Lonsdale and Laurie Frankel.  

Swimsuit season is almost here and Kortni Jean actually has me excited.  One pieces rule. 

It's not too late to plant a cutting garden. Of course you can support your local florist but growing your flowers is a special experience and can be such a valuable lesson in care and patience. 

Are you having friends or family over for dinner this weekend? This recipe has been my party trick for the past few dinners.  

How I built This is such an amazing podcast. A few favorites: Kendra Scott, Crate and Barrel, Patagonia, Instagram, and Radio One.  

Happy Weekend. K 

- Photo via The Love List