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Hey There 

Happy Friday! Last week I spent time in Texas celebrating a best friend's wedding and I had the joy of doing her flowers. Texas will always feel like home to me. I love the laughter that comes with being around friends and family that know you best. I love the unrelenting warmth of the sun and having tex mex for every meal. It's always a sweet time being back in Texas and I hope you can retreat somewhere familiar this weekend. For me, it's not Texas this weekend but I am going to a festival down the street from my home. Food, crafts, and shopping are always life giving and comforting to me.  

Happy weekend. K

A podcast on slow flowers and the movement behind it. 

Season 3 of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schimdt is premiering May 19th on Netflix. lol.

This photo of a little girl. Let this be your inner self this weekend. 

Peony potted plants for sale here.

New workshops have been posted to our website.  

This stationary from Ink and Volt

This 'Plant Lady' t shirt.  

Photo by Mark Spooner