What We're Pinning

Engagement season is here! We're in the studio being worker bees on upcoming weddings for 2017. Each season brings new, fresh, and exciting things for us a team. We're doing all the research in the studio, so I thought I would share some of our recent favorites from Pinterest! 

1.  This is a new favorite color palette of mine. It's light, but the earthiness of the mustard color adds a depth that transforms a palette that we're used to seeing. Image via Pinterest

2. Different color foliage doesn't need to be reserved for fall! I could see this arrangement making headlines in a spring wedding. Image via Once Wed

3. Cakes may be my new muse. Image via 100 Layer Cake.

4. I have reminders that I sometimes repeat over and over again. This has become one of them. We spent months coming up with an 18 page design plan template (so might call it book 😬) for our wedding clients. That may sound crazy, but we truly believe that loving what you do is a gift. Image via Pinterest

5. This is a table! I freaked out a little bit and then decided to share. #colors  Image via Gemstone Tables.

6. It's no secret we love this palette. We've been brainstorming new ways to help this palette feel fresh and unique to our clients. Image via Tinge